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(Note: This is part two of the point/counter-point of dating co-workers.In part one I recalled the painful situations I have seen and experienced over the years.If you are so risk averse that you are willing to fight your own biology and psychological desires, it is perhaps somewhat undesirable to “hook-up” with your co-workers.If you are like me, however, and your worldview espouses the notion that “the heart wants what it wants”, then you are willing to accept a week or two of work awkwardness for the psychological satisfaction of dating somebody who Priest and Sawyer would argue you would necessarily be attracted to. That being said, the process of responsible courtship laid out in the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths has always been attractive to me.If you’re especially nervous about a first date, choose a restaurant where the food isn’t the only focal point.It could be kitschy like Dave & Buster’s where you can both have a beer and play arcade games before sitting down to eat.American chef and food writer James Beard once said, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” Put simply, everyone eats.And for something like a first date where food is the centerpiece, what you eat, how you eat it and where you eat it lets a woman get to know a piece of your psyche.

(Mahlangu, 2006) Last, I would like to argue, as an aside, that many of the points our favorite blogger laid out as to why one should not date co-workers should really be titled: Why You Should Not Act Like a Jerk When Dating Co-Workers. My best friend and his wife met through a restaurant.To argue that these people should avoid coupling is nearly akin to making a rational argument as to why tigers should avoid eating zebra cubs; it ignores what can, must, and should happen. I will never say that nothing good comes from workplace relationships.Just be aware that it will bring it’s own set of issues with it.)bartender dating, customer service, hook up.He has waited on over 100,000 guests and trained hundreds of servers.He has been named "Best Server in Kansas City" the last three years by the local weekly paper.

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