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I added a few of my own ideas and together we are going to make you the hostess with the mostest!

Seriously, get ready to throw the best Valentine’s Day party ever! For the games, we split up into two teams: husbands against wives.

We have explained the games detail by detail, the items needed for each game, ideas to prepare for the night, what to send along with the invites, information to collect when your friends RSVP, certain games that go with particular slips, and any other little detail that you need to pull this night off perfectly.

The idea behind so many games is that you probably won’t want to play the same games every year, right?! Pick out 13 games this year, next year 13 more, then the year after, use the 13 games that you used the first year.

Continue to rotate the games every year, they’ll never get old!

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