Dating memes

The moral of the story is that no matter how much tame and innocent a guy looks is that he’s still a dog underneath.Even Golden Retrievers chase cats with instinctive hate and sniff other dogs’ buts.

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But the game is rough, and you have to have your head in it every second as the opponent has its own playbook and some actions you wouldn’t dream up in your life. Simpson-related shows so your girl should know his story even if he was too young to remember the trial of the century.

To stay in front in this ruthless game that takes out more lives than Formula 1 in the 1960s you need to step your game up. Scare tactics work for the United States military, so it will definitely work in your romantic endeavors.

To start things off comedian Aziz Ansari truly described the current dating game flawlessly, here for you in case you’re an old person on the internet just wanting to laugh at freaking Millenials’ troubles or you just woke from a coma and don’t know about getting “I forgot about a thing” messages.

And if you’re going like “but it’s her little niece’s birthday, she really forgot, it can happen” we’re here to tell you there’s no thing man, snap out of it!

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