Dating guide for gta san andreas

MILLIE PERKINS: Okay, the strategy guide was wrong on the time available for her in my game, I stood outside her house for a whole day, and she was available at noon on the dot, not what the start guide said. She likes to eat at the Coq Restaurant, and I noticed she likes going dancing.Also, the Gimp suit IS NOT necessary to go out with her. cuz if it isnt necessary to the storyline or opening up new things i dont want to bother with it just yet, I want to save it for later when im done with the story so I still have stuff to do in the game.Helena Wankstein Shes a gun freak who you can find hanging out on the outside balcony of the Ammu-Nation in Blueberry, Red County.She likes the average man, you know, about 20% muscle and minimal fat, and of course, sex appeal. Barbara Schternvart Shes a cop in El Quebrados in the desert of San Andreas in the Police Dept parking lot.Surprise Her There are 40 flowers scattered across San Andreas, pick up one and surprise her with it for extra loving. You will have a variety of options, such as fast food, restaurants, clubs, bars, all of which will appear on the map.

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When you get 100% with her you unlock the Pimp Suit which is then sent to your wardrobe.She even claims it was a good meal when you come out.michelle never likes any places I take her.....anyone found a place she likes...she hasn't been home for over a week in the game, is it possible that I pissed her off so bad that I can't take her out anymore?Sex Appeal Every woman loves a sexy man, make sure you're packing lots of it if you want to date one of these women, but nice clothes (not something form Sub Urban, but Didier Sachs), get a nice cut, get inked up, and of course, roll up in luxury.Cars make for a big portion of sex appeal, so make sure you don't roll up in something like a multicoloured Clover, and make sure it's not been in a few wrecks, try to drive cautiously after you jack the ride that you plan on taking to her house.

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