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It’s like going to another country, a hip and thrilling Brigadoon that appears every year or so.

Coming to Glastonbury involves a fair amount of travel, and probably a queue to get in but, when you get past these impediments, you enter a huge tented city, a mini-state under canvas.

There are a plethora of wonders to be seen, heard or just caught from the corner of your eye.

Glastonbury runs like a huge clock – it is the Big Ben of Festivals after all – and it is best not to stay staring at just one of the huge cogs, however many famous spokes it has.

It’s best not to come to Glastonbury with a head full of preconceptions and a notebook full of plans of what you want to see.

If there are one or two particular bands a day you really want to see, then let your day revolve around them and go with the flow.

Hurrying between stages so you can tick off a list of things you feel you must see is not the best way to enjoy Glastonbury.

If you can’t get a good vantage point, or aren’t enjoying a show, move on; there’ll be something else in the next field that might just change your way of seeing the world!

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The Festival takes place in a beautiful location – 900 acres in the Vale of Avalon, an area steeped in symbolism, mythology and religious traditions dating back many hundreds of years.Then there are the people, thousands of them in all their astonishing and splendid diversity!There is only one common characteristic of a Glastonbury-goer – they understand that Glastonbury Festival offers them more opportunity than any other happening to have the best weekend of the year or even of a life-time, and they are determined to have it!There will be moments when you ask yourself the inevitable: “Why can’t life always be like this?” There will be enlightenments, awakenings, surreal happenings, Damascene epiphanies and people doing the strangest things in public.

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