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My name is Debbie (everyone calls me Deb) and I have been married to my husband Mark for about seven years.

Mark seemed to catch on to what I was up to and he began to tease me saying that Joe had commented on noticing that I was wearing a g-string and how hot he thought I was.Mark would always fuck me better when I would come up with some kind of story involving another woman, so needless to say it became a regular part of our sex life.Mark would also talk about me being with another man, which I found intriguing but he seemed to enjoy the idea of that more than me being with another woman!!When I am sitting down, I will cross my legs back and forth so I can shift the string back and forth across my clit. Some of my friends say they don’t like wearing them because they are uncomfortable and irritate them, but I personally almost always wear one.Once we got to the reception, we sat at our table and everyone introduced themselves as nobody at the table knew each other.

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