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I laughed at him and commented that I think he liked what was inside the dress, which he uncomfortably agreed.I should explain that over the past couple of years, Mark and I have started to talk or I guess fantasize during sex about being with someone else.I would describe Joe as being handsome, very friendly and having big strong hands.Joe’s wife, Suzie, was the sweetest woman and we talked about our kids and a wide variety of other topics.I was not looking forward to it since I wasn’t going to know anyone, but off we went.

I told him that it would never happen and it was just talk.Anyway, since we had talked about these types of fantasies I thought I would have some fun with Mark and tease him about checking out Suzie.At the moment I confronted him about checking her out, I knew that I was going to bring her up later during sex and talk about a dirty scenario.Mark would always fuck me better when I would come up with some kind of story involving another woman, so needless to say it became a regular part of our sex life.Mark would also talk about me being with another man, which I found intriguing but he seemed to enjoy the idea of that more than me being with another woman!!

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