Capricorn dating an aries

But what's interesting here is that Gemini, despite being one of the easiest zodiac signs to get along with, isn't a great (or even good) fit for Taurus, because trust is always going to be the issue at the core of their relationship.If you can't trust your partner, then all bets are off.So unless you're a Cancer who feels like you want to speed up your life for someone else, then stay away from Aries.

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A relationship with Sagittarius will lead to endless doubts, as trust will always be an issue, and something about this union may make you feel trapped.Scorpio needs to be with a sign that can handle them at their best and at their worst and be willing to keep things in balance — despite the fact that neither Cancer nor Scorpio are known for keeping balance.So if the balance is off with these two, it may not be found again.You should probably never date: Libra, Taurus, and Cancer. For a Libra to date a Libra, there needs to be a huge amount put on mutual respect which, honestly, is difficult for Libra because they can be selfish. Because Taurus finds itself on the opposite side of Venus compared to Libra, these two signs struggle to get along in more ways than one.Fiery relationships have their place, but when it's constant, it's a waste of energy. The problem is that you're both too emotional, but in completely different ways.

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