Camcam software

It is the vision of innovators and inventors, mathematicians and machinists alike, all striving to shape the future and drive manufacturing with technology.

The term “CAD-CAM” is generally used to describe the software that is used for design and machining or manufacturing with a CNC Machine.

CAD/CAM Software is used to generate part designs and then CNC machining programs corresponding to part designs.

Short for “computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing,” these systems create these programs for CNC machine tools.

Next, identify your stock, setting initial work coordinates, material type and the tools to be used for machining the part.

Setting Your Toolpaths After your stock has been addressed, it’s time to decide the Toolpaths to apply for your roughing and finishing cycles. It allows users to easily change the sequence of the machining operations, giving you the most efficient machining process.

Structuring Your Job First, you will want to set up and save all the specific features of your machine in the “Job Tree” of your CAM software.

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This is a solid way for users enter all their information correctly, ultimately reducing programming time and the chance of error.

In general, CAM development has proceeded along two different tracks.

Geometry-based CAM systems used in die/mold machining and other applications focus on complex milled geometries.

The way it works is Bob CAM works directly inside your SOLIDWORKS program, allowing you to create 2, 3, 4 & 5 Axis Toolpaths and generate g-code for your CNC machine.

For a more user-friendly experience, Bob CAM’s software provides the user unique machining wizards for all Milling strategies.

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