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The Jazzophon was not a success, like many other newly invented saxophone-like instruments from that period. The Edsel is the Ford Edsel, in the late fifties the example of a commercial failure.

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In the light music there was a shift from Tanz-Kapelle and Salonorchester to jazz-bands in different line-ups. A Lienbacher saxopete, might have been made by Toni Lienbacher from Berchtesgaden (Germany), somewhere before 1999. It was made around 2003-2004, for a girl that couldn't use her right hand due to a muscle disease.

Radio also played a role in the popularization of jazz. Scott Robinson, Teaneck New Jersey, US nr 0390 soprano Normaphon D. Trompetenmuseum in Bad Sckingen has another sax-shaped trumpet with 'American style' rotary valves. Getzen after he split from the Getzen company in Elkhorn.

In 1926, it began to regularly play jazz music, and by 1930 artists such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and others became popular to German audiences. Few were sold through Ebay in recent years, but I guess the total number differs not much from that of the Keilwerths.

Most of the industrially and culturally advanced towns lay in the western part of the country with predominantly Czech and German populations (which meant that here the conditions for the development of modern dance culture were much better). In 2016 trumpeter Gbor Komlssy from Budapest made a sax shaped trumpet that he offered to trumpet legend Arturo Sandoval and named the 'Sandophone'. It uses an euphonium or trombone mouthpiece with a small shank. This instrument was built in 2014 and uses parts from various instruments.

Energetic dance music from overseas found what were in many respects favorable initial conditions here. Sandoval appreciated the gift and stated that the instrument gave him other ideas while playing. The lead pipe is custom-made and there are several other new parts involved.

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