Antivir version 9 not updating

After some searching, the Avast web shield came up as a problem for many folks. I can't recommend, without a warning about this issue.

To stop this from happening to anyone else I would highly suggest when installing this version of avast to make sure to do a custom install not the standard install.

All HTTPs sites were rendered broken and I worked for a long time working this out as I did not try any of them before installing avast.

Tried turning off the shields but that did not help.

All you do is register it as a free user for a year and there you are :) You're ready to go.

Just make sure you set your times for it to do its thing. Trust me, nobody can find a better free antivirus program on the internet. I was suprised to see it with the highest scanning speed even compared to Norton and Kaspersky.

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