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In patent law, a strategy of some limited protection involves preparing an affidavit on an early date in an effort to antedate the application of any interfering application for a patent on the same subject matter.While there are other meanings for both words, I'd like to know if there is a difference in their usage, when they're used to mean "occur at an earlier date," or if they can always be used interchangeably in this sense. Meanwhile, in the 70 years between 19, the relative popularity of the two terms has changed considerably, as this Ngram chart for antedated (blue line) versus predated (red line) illustrates shows: Although the decline in He [Percy Witham] drew forth the cheque book, and with the help of his pen-knife took out a leaf so skilfully that it was hardly possible to detect the excision.These words appear in red, and are graded with stars.One-star words are frequent, two-star words are more frequent, and three-star words are the most frequent.Dinosaurs antedated the first human beings by almost 65 million years, though this stubborn fact never used to stop cartoonists and screenwriters from having the two species inhabit the same story line.Dictionary editors are constantly noticing how the oral use of a word may antedate its first appearance in print by a number of years.Antedates can also be used illegally to benefit the parties involved by shifting dates in contracts to achieve more desirable terms. If an employee submits a form late for benefits, antedating the contract can be positive in that it protects the employee from losing benefits.On the other hand, antedating can also be used negatively.

To date a document to a time before it was actually written or signed.These figures are, however, unreliable, and antedate the Russian Revolution.This would make them antedate July, 1759, which is not true of the Ray Corsinifractional antedating goal response (rg-sg, ro, or FAGR) (C. Hull) That portion of the goal response that can readily come forward in a behavior chain because of conditioning.An expectancy or anticipatory response that could be a verbal response in humans.

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