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It is desirable to provide in the letter to the patient and/or to the patient's responsible party some explanation of the reason for ending the doctor-patient relationship, but the decision to provide or not provide that explanation is up to the licensee.

The physician should, if possible indicate resources that might assist the patient in establishing a new physician, but the discharging physician does not have to refer the patient to a specific physician or group of physicians.

Maintaining treatment boundaries in small communities and rural areas. ‘The requirement that the physician conduct himself/herself with propriety in his or her profession and in all the actions of his or her life is especially important in the case of the psychiatrist because the patient tends to model his or her behavior after that of his or her psychiatrist by identification.

These requirements become particularly important because of the essentially private, highly personal, and sometimes intensely emotional nature of the relationship established with the psychiatrist. Patient-therapist boundary issues: an integrative review of theory and research.

The physician should make certain that the patient understands that his/her medical records will be sent to the patient's new health care provider, when the patient's signed permission to do so has been received from that healthcare provider.

Marshall, Ph DAssociate professor, University of South Florida Polytechnic, Lakeland Karen Teston, MDPast chair, Florida Psychiatric Society Ethics Committee, staff psychiatrist, Watson Clinic LLP, Lakeland Wade C.

Myers, MDProfessor and director, forensic psychiatry program, University of South Florida College of Medicine, Tampa 1.

Patient-therapist boundary issues: an integrative review of theory and research.

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To cross or not to cross: do boundaries in therapy protect or harm?

A continuing medical education approach to improve sexual boundaries of physicians.

Psychiatrists disciplined by a state medical board.

Misuses and misunderstandings of boundary theory in clinical and regulatory settings. Additionally, the inherent inequality in the doctor-patient relationship may lead to exploitation of the patient.

Further, the necessary intensity of the treatment relationship may tend to activate sexual and other needs and fantasies on the part of both patient and psychiatrist, while weakening the objectivity necessary for control.

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