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A continuación, se describe cómo construimos chatbots y lo que hemos aprendido hasta ahora. KEYWORDS: Chat; chatbot; Chat Script; conversation; Loebner; Artificial Intelligence; Natural Language. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial (by-nc) Spain 3.0 License.INTRODUCTION Top The task of a chatbot is to create an illusion – the illusion that you are talking with someone who understands and cares about what you are saying. However, for moments at a time it is possible to fake it.

The overly general will match inappropriately at times. _ in front of anything will memorize it (original and standardized) onto consecutive variables named _0 _1 _2 … A topic consists of a name, some optional control flags, a bunch of keywords (defining a concept at the same time), and then the collection of rules. This is an efficiency measure for the engine and allows one to see the underlying chat flow the topic intends.

Bruce wrote it specifically to circumvent major failings in other chat languages. Generally, rules have four parts: – a rejoinder at a given level of nesting.

Chat Script is an expert system, generally matching inputs via patterns of meaning to specific outputs. Gambits are available when the chatbot wants to volunteer output.

The is optional, and serves both as comment, a place to find easily in a trace, and as a destination tag for other rules to act upon this rule.

For example a rule can enable or disable another rule, or can reuse its output script and rejoinders as its own. But it can be arbitrarily complex code with or without output text.

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