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I have to confess that I am finding it all a terrible strain and miss my daughter very badly, but realise that there is not much else that we or anyone can do at this stage other than, whenever possible, to monitor the situation, fight against the increasing estrangement of our daughter from us her family, give her a bit of relief from the relentless abuse every now and again if we get a chance to do so, and make sure that if we get a chance to let her know we are there for her.” One mother told me that as time has gone by, she and her husband feel in a catch 22 situation because their daughter has drawn back from them even more, is less communicative and in less and less contact.This mother said that: “if we try to overcome this with lots of phone calls, emails and suggestions to meet up it seems to feed into her husband’s smear campaign about us. My ex hated my mum and I didn’t talk to her as it was easier than getting him angry with me.“My daughter and I and her dad are really close and love each other loads.My husband and I have always found his behaviour to her to be selfish, sexist, uncaring, disrespectful and at times cruel.She switches back and forth – as demonstrated in this picture of the young lady and old woman.Notice how it’s extremely difficult to see both women at the same time.You have every right to step back and leave the door open when your daughter decides for herself to return, and you have every right to close that door if your health is being impacted detrimentally.

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All my friends said we were worrying needlessly — however he is very convincing. Again we told her our concerns about the changes we were seeing in her and about his behaviour towards her.However, I must warn you that if the controlling man discovers her reading anything about domestic violence and power and control, it is common for those men to hit or otherwise abuse her and it is common for him to up his game and isolate her from you even further.Young women controlled by their partner struggle between believing in their own voice – and believing in his voice.If anyone tries to interfere in his “territory” he will retaliate — he will turn your attempts into an excuse to further degrade you and he will continue to coerce your daughter into taking sides — he will do what it takes to make her be loyal and dependent on him, and to be disloyal and break away from you. Leaving a controlling man is the most dangerous time for many women.Research shows that while in relationship with a coercively controlling man, women are constantly safety planning, constantly managing ways to keep herself (and her children if she has any) . The chance of further control, and further violence rises when she leaves, or threatens to leave.

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