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It reveals an infinite number of events can exist in the same plane. Instead it tumbles and morphs such as a lake’s surface.

Some of my favorite subjects in school were physics, genetics, mathematics, philosophy and art.

It is truly a way to help and give back to your community. I truly enjoyed working at Planned Parenthood and would go back even though pay is very low for the level and difficulty of work performed.

They also have great health benefits and plenty of opportunities for advancement in many different departments. Opinion:- Typical day at work is preparing for the procedures for the day.- Learning how to prioritize on the importance of sterilization.- Management needs more involvement in day to day assignments.- Workplace culture is good.- Hardest part of the job is to ensure that there is enough supplies.- Most enjoyable part of the job is customer satisfaction.

We welcome guest blog appearances from all walks of life.

I worked with an amazing team of woman and enjoyed giving back to the community.

Planned Parenthood Mid Hudson Valley is a great place to work and to help make my community stronger.

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