Abhay deol and sonam kapoor dating

Even to this day, many households in our country still propagate fair skin and how only fair skin is beautiful.

This was a much-needed issue to be dealt with and we’re glad Abhay stood up against the complexion myths!

The frustration comes in from the fact that by cashing in on it we’re only perpetuating it further.

So, since this is not about Sonam and me, let’s stick to the issue at hand, shall we?

Language was not an issue at all and the expressions of love in our craft doesn’t need language, but diligence and creativity, which he has in abundance. He’s a super positive guy and is only 12-13 years older than me, so there’s not much of an age difference. Yes, I do want to direct in the next eight to 10 years.

He’s been like an older brother by being sweet and protective, but also gave a fatherly, firm vibe. I’m keen to explore another creative side to my work and it is something I would enjoy immensely.

Was there a lot of effort on your part to prepare for this role, which traverses a coming of age tale?

Abhay Deol’s post about endorsement of fairness creams and the faux pas of doing so didn’t go down well with Sonam Kapoor.

The main reason being, she was also targeted by the star in his Facebook post as he voiced this concern.

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